Monday, June 26, 2006

Screen Caps from German Television Special

As promised, here are some screen captures from the second Munich concert, videotaped for television broadcast. I also added a backstage picture of Ringo.

An Essen show ticketstub that was up for auction at this past weekend; I've included a picture of the stub here.

I wish I knew German; there is a terrific documentary about The Beatles called "Damals in Hamburg" that traces their Hamburg days, including interviews with significant German people in the Beatles' story. Since it's all in German, I can't understand a word, but I've watched in numerous times anyway! I can tell by the visuals that understanding the narrator and interviewees would be a real treat. If anyone out there has translated the documentary, please let me know.

(Upcoming blog posts will include information and photos from the Beatles ill-fated Far East tour of 1966 and other events in Beatles history 40 years ago this year.)

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Anonymous said...

The Screen Captures are wonderful -
very much like snapshots but without those little flash bulbs.
Keep up the great work here!
And Thank You for sharing.