Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Beatles in Paris

The long-awaited update: Here are various photos from the Beatles' 1964 visit to Paris, scanned from various issues of The Beatles Book.

The Beatles' first visit to Paris, from January 14 to February 5, 1964, (as a group - John and Paul had ventured there before in September of 1961) proved to be quite a challenge as they faced their most restrained/least enthusiastic audiences at the Olympia. Most were in attendance to see French chanteuse Sylvia Vartan, not quite yet succumbing to Beatlemania. Instead of screaming young girls, the Beatles performed for a venue filled with young men and wealthy socialites.

On January 15th, John, Paul and George could freely walk along the Champs-Elysees for the benefit of photographers without being besieged by eager fans; only one girl approached Paul for an autograph.

On the night of January 16th, the Beatles received the exciting news that "I Want to Hold Your Hand" would soon be declared the number one single in the U.S. Cashbox chart.

I'll be posting more photos from the Paris visit later...

Monday, April 05, 2010

Les Beatles Centerfold Redux

I received this very nice altered copy of the previous centerfold I had posted, "fixed" by mybreed2, a fan of the blog. Thank you very much for this excellent revision!

I am now on a week's vacation from work, but still have many papers and articles to write...I hope to update with a new entry very soon. Thanks again for visiting and following this blog. Please check out Alison's Wonderland for other entries on British bands, including the Rolling Stones, Small Faces, the Yardbirds, the Pretty Things, Syd-era Floyd, the Move, Gerry, etc.

(You will never find me putting watermarks, etc. on my scans or screen captures - you are welcome to save, copy, post - whatever. I created my blog so that other fans may enjoy the pictures I have collected over the years. Enjoy!)