Saturday, June 17, 2006

In Poor Taste

As a long-time subscriber to Uncut magazine, what I thought was one of the most intelligent music and film magazines out of the UK, I was very disappointed when the July 2006 issue arrived on my doorstep. Two months ago, Uncut changed their format and look to compete with Q, or other magazines of that ilk--read, "not as smart". Now they have this pointless column listing the 10 worst songs of a particular genre on one page, and when you flip to the next page, there's a list of the 10 best songs of that same genre (just more of those stupid ranking lists polluting magazines these days). The topic of the lists this month is "Protest Songs." Their third worst protest song is "Give Peace A Chance", which in and of itself is fine. I'm all for free-speech and opinions, etc., so hating that song is not an issue. The issue is with their commentary about the song. It consists of two sentences: "That MC (I don't type out his name). Was he really so bad?"

I threw down the magazine and began pacing through the house ranting and raving about the idiots at Uncut stooping so low as to joke about the murder of one of the most beloved artists in history. They could have joked about Yoko, Lord knows that happens all the time; they could have joked about John & Yoko's political views, peace campaign--you name it. They did not have to use hyperbole to illustrate how much they hate that song-- insinuating that John deserved to die for writing and recording it! There is no humour to be found in that. John's murderer took a father and husband from his family and a man who inspired so much happiness, love, and beauty from the rest of us.

Do you think that Uncut's comment was in poor taste? What would you do if you were a subscriber--would you cancel your subscription, write a well-thought out letter that doesn't make you sound like a crazy John fan, or what? Would you just overlook it? Please leave me some comments and offer some advice. I know I won't be renewing my subscription next year.


Anonymous said...

That really is in poor taste. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, so that I will make sure NOT to purchase that magazine again. Joking that John should have been murdered for writing a song that the magazine does not care for is insensetive and uncalled for. I do not like many singers, but I would not wish them to be murdered!

I seriously think you should write them a well thought out letter. I am sure you aren't the only subsciber that is offended by this comment, but if no one speaks up, the editors will assume that it was the right thing to say.

child of nature said...

sara--thank you very much for your comment and suggestions. I think you're right--I'm definitely going to write a letter to Uncut, and probably ask to cancel the rest of my subscription for this year.

There are many singers and celebrities I don't like, too, but like you, I don't wish anything bad to happen to them.

I'm very dissappointed in Uncut because they often have John Lennon covers & features; they had a beautiful special edition to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his death that's still on the newsstands now. Julian even wrote the forward to the magazine! I'm just really shocked.

I'll let you know how things turn out.

Thanks again for visiting and leaving comments for me.

Anonymous said...

Well, I would definetely suspend my subscription. I say suspend, not cancel. In my letter, I would ask them to suspend my subscription until they publicly apologize for the very bad taste joke. I would try to prove them that the tasteless comment was offensive to all Lennon and Beatles fans, the same people that so many times before were the target of their covers.
I have the special edition to commemorate Lennon's 25th anniversary of his death in front of me. It never left my desk since the day I bought it. I guess I'll never look at it the same way.

child of nature said...

I sent an email to Allan Jones, the editor, today. I followed your advice, Helder, and gave him the opportunity to apologize and explain why he would make such a horrible comment to begin with. Hopefully a public apology will be issued. I'll be sure to keep you all posted.

Thanks fo your comments and suggestions. Let me know what you'd like to see on this blog, too.

Helder said...

I'm glad you did it. Their reaction will show a lot about their editorial policy.
As for what I'd like to see on your blog, let me tell you that as long as it's your personal view of the whole Beatles "thing", it is great.

Anonymous said...

I'll think twice about picking up a copy of Uncut next time I'm in the mood to buy a music mag.

I bet they'll publish an apology letter in the reader's mail section of their next issue


Anonymous said...

That is unbelievable. My jaw dropped when I read that. Wow. I don't really know what else to say. Does anyone know if they've appologized for that? (I'll try to pick my jaw up off the floor now.)

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind, but I copied your blog entry and posted it on Paul McCartney's official message boards. Here is the link to that thread: [url][/url]
I gave you credit for the blog entry and even put a link directing people to your blog. But if you do mind, please let me know and I will surely delete the thread. I just think more people need to know about this.
Thanks so much!

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