Sunday, September 23, 2007

Don't Worry! Help is on the Way!

As we are all anticipating the upcoming DVD reissue of Help!, here are some photos of our heroes taken during the filming. The first group were auctioned off by a few years ago. The alternate scene with Wendy Richard is showcased among these photos. I've also included some scans of the missing scene, taken from the 16 magazine Help! special. According to the storyline in 16, the cut scene features the Beatles attending an acting class, only to be interrupted by the relentless Klang and his gang. Rounding out this group of photos are some Beatles Book Help! pictures.

Help! is the movie I turn to when I need to be cheered up. I know the Beatles themselves (especially John) were not too fond of the finished product, but I think it's a wonderfully crazy, hilarious, zany, gorgeous little film. Even with the hefty price tag, I pre-ordered the deluxe edition--I have a feeling it will be worth every penny and then some, especially to someone who loves the film as much as I do.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"I love you like guitars..."

When expressing his ardent love to Cynthia, John Lennon once wrote passionately, "I love you like guitars." George Harrison spent his school days sketching various guitars in his notebooks. There's just something about a guitar that can evoke such strong emotions in musicians. I know I feel a particular attachment to my 3 guitars as well. Trini, the excellent blogger for "Breakfast With The Beatles," kindly sent me 3 of the above pictures, including the adorable one of George laughing with eyes closed (thanks, Trini). These photos are from the sessions for The Beatles, Let it Be, and Abbey Road. (Click to enlarge--some are large hq scans.) There are two pages including several pictures of John playing the J200 in the original Let it Be book (but those are for another time).

I received an interesting email from Kenneth concerning my post about George's Gibson J200 I'd like to share:

"I believe that IS George's J200 that John is playing in the
photograph. Both John and George were recording their respective
albums at the same time at EMI. (Also the last time either recorded
at EMI, I believe.) I suspect that John used George's J200 for his
POB album.

Another thing that I heard was that John played acoustic guitar on
George's My Sweet Lord. Uncredited! (Which is so unlike John!) John
never ever mentioned participating on that recording.

Anyway, pretty amazing stuff, I think....

Thank you for the email, Ken!

A long time ago, I also received an email from Kevin, seeking additional pictures of John's black Yamaha jumbo acoustic guitar, emblazoned with a dragon. I finally found a picture of Julian with the guitar in front of Abbey Road. Perhaps Julian still has this guitar. If any reader has a picture of John playing it, please send it my way, and I'll make sure Kevin gets it!

Thanks to everyone who leaves comments, sends emails, or just drops by.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Time for Some Random John Pics Again

I am going to be incredibly busy finishing up a 650 word book review for Ugly Things magazine over the next few weekends (I have a deadline very quickly approaching), so instead of commentary with a point, here are some random pictures of the lovely John Lennon and one of him with his lovely bandmates. I scanned these from various sources, including vintage magazines and books. Please credit if posting elsewhere--thanks! I'll be back shortly with a barrage of screen captures, photos, and a tribute to Magical Mystery Tour.