Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Being a Short Diversion on the Dubious Origins of Child of Nature

My internet pseudonymn is always "child of nature" because that is the title of my favorite unreleased John/Beatles song. John took the tune, changed the lyrics, and it became one of his most vulnerable and touching songs--"Jealous Guy" from the Imagine album. "Child of Nature" was written in India, inspired by the same Maharishi lecture that also inspired Paul's "Mother Nature's Son". John recorded a demo in May of 1968 at George's bungalow, Kinfauns, in Esher; thus, it's one of the famous White Album Esher demos. Here are the lyrics:

On the road to Rishikesh

I was dreaming more or less

And the dream I had was true

Yes, the dream I had was true

chorus:I'm just a child of nature

I don't need much to set me free

I'm just a child of nature

I'm one of nature's children

Sunlight shining in my eyes

As I face the desert skies

My thoughts return to home

Yes, my thoughts return to home

Underneath the mountain ranges

Where the wind that never changes

Touch the windows of my soul

Touch the windows of my soul

John revisited this song (along with George Harrison) during the infamous Get Back sessions. At this time, he had revised the lyrics to eliminate the reference to Rishikesh (as he had publically denounced the Maharishi) and changed it to "On the road to Marrakesh".

"Watching Rainbows" is also in reference to an unreleased jam The Beatles (minus George) ran through during the Get Back sessions on January 14, 1969. In the lyrics, John states "Instead of watching rainbows, I'm gonna make me some." This jam is also part of the "Madman/Mean Mister Mustard" jam.

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