Monday, May 29, 2006

Just look at that gorgeous face!
Album of the Moment: The Flamin Groovies--Shake Some Action

Song of the Moment: The Plimsouls--"Everyday Things" (from The Plimsouls...Plus!)

Good news of the Day: I just purchased a Dutch BC-13 Beatles Blue Box from a fellow SH forum member for an excellent price! I know it isn't the UK box, but I think the Dutch version will satisfy my need for a blue box for a least until I upgrade my system.

Hello, fellow music lovers, and welcome to my first blog entry. Throughout the coming entries, you'll be entertained by the mundane information I impart here. Of course, the John Lennon and Beatles pictures will make up for my lack of witty reparte. I'll be posting my musings and observations about my life, work, interests, music, friends, and all things Beatles.

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