Thursday, October 04, 2007

Step Right This Way!

As promised, a large collection of Magical Mystery Tour behind the scenes photos for your pleasure! I scanned all of these except for the first two--I found the first one on Tammy's Beatle Photo Blog, and the second was posted on Beatlepics.

The psychedelic experience MMT illustrates flew straight over the heads of the general public when it first aired on Boxing Day in 1967. It didn't help matters that it was shown in black & white as well! Initially slammed by critics, the film has undergone a re-assessment in recent years. The music sequences are brilliant, and the individual sketches are quite comical. At times it's lethargic, as if illustrating a dream (or a sense of being high). The unusual happenings appear normal to the cast of characters, who are happy to be along for the meandering ride.

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changemyworld said...

thanks for these photos, love love them. do you know who took these photos? what magazine did you scan?