Monday, October 08, 2007

Imagine Peace

In order to honor John on what would have been in 67th birthday, please take some time today to send your peace wishes to the Imagine Peace effort. If you can, watch the unveiling of the light tower in your time zone (3:45 EST). This is a truly spectacular undertaking and a beautiful piece of conceptual art. I hope the rumors that Paul, Ringo and Olivia are attending turn out to be true. What an amazing way to honor a man we all love.

I sent this message to be placed there:

I sincerely wish for the world to experience peace -
as John Lennon once said, peace in our hearts,
peace in our homes,
peace in the world.
If everyone found inner peace, it would project outward.
There would be no hunger, no hatred, no war.
I will do my part to help bring peace into the world -
I will never stop believing and imagining
a world filled with love
and hope.
I will extend love to my neighbors, open my heart and my mind
to their needs and their voices.
I will contribute to efforts promoting peace.
I will vote accordingly as well.

I wish for every human to experience true peace within.

Thank you, John Lennon, for everything you are to the world. Thank you for your music, your lyrics, your art, and your activism. I will always love you.

Thank you, Yoko Ono, for never faltering, for standing up for peace, for keeping John's spirit with us. Thank you for your art, your music, and your dedication. You and Sean remain the keepers of the wishing well.

Love and peace to all of you involved in the Imagine Peace effort!

Happy birthday, John! You are loved and missed.

As I was working on this post, I was unable to upload any pictures due to problems with Blogger. I will attempt to post some of my favorite pictures of John later this evening.

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Laura said...

I posted some of your pictures from your blog, commemorating the big day. :)

I have a link of the whole unveiling -

It was quite special. Ringo and Olivia did attend! You can see Sean going up on the platform with his Mom at the end. I heard Dhani went as well.