Thursday, September 06, 2007

Time for Some Random John Pics Again

I am going to be incredibly busy finishing up a 650 word book review for Ugly Things magazine over the next few weekends (I have a deadline very quickly approaching), so instead of commentary with a point, here are some random pictures of the lovely John Lennon and one of him with his lovely bandmates. I scanned these from various sources, including vintage magazines and books. Please credit if posting elsewhere--thanks! I'll be back shortly with a barrage of screen captures, photos, and a tribute to Magical Mystery Tour.


Laura said...

These are amazing! I love the ones where he's wearing that black baker boy cap. :) And it's so refreshing to see him in those early 60s suits but with an ordinary t-shirt underneath. And he looks very Dylanesque in that pic with his mouth organ. ;]

Breegha said...

These are some absolutely gorgeous shots of John. Love the early stuff!!