Friday, July 07, 2006

Tomorrow Never Knows What Goes On

Happy 66th Birthday to Ringo Starr! Today's pictures: The first two are scans from Ringo's 2000 All-Starr tour book--a two-page collage of pictures taken throughout his life. The second is a section of shots taken on the event of Ringo's 24th birthday, July 7, 1964. The Beatles performed three songs on Top of the Pops that day and then offered this photo op to the waiting photographers. In the U.S. we often "spank" someone on his or her birthday, giving the number of licks cooresponding to the age of the person with "one to grow on." Apparently in England the tradition is "giving the bumps" which must entail swinging the birthday (in this case) boy by his arms and legs! The next photo is a beautiful portrait by Richard Avedon. The last is a picture Mark Hudson sent me through email--I believe Mark took the picture himself. (Click to enlarge)

We love you, Ringo! Best wishes for your birthday, and good luck with your current tour.

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