Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tokyo Continued


halfjapanese said...

Never seen screen captures from here of such high quality. I lived in a Tokyo suburb and was absolutely crushed when the 1966 Budokan concerts were announced because we were slated to move to Virginia in May. Happy ending...the US tour was announced shortly thereafter and I saw the Fabs in Washington.

If you can find the photo books by Koh Hasebe on the Tokyo visit and The Fool on the Hill sessions, buy them!

child of nature said...

Thank you for coming by and leaving a message!! (I'm glad your story had a happy ending.)

I'll email you about the screen captures...

Thank you for the book recommendations--I've seen some of the photos, but I'd love to have those books.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,there are many sources that you find lots of photo material about this tour .I´ll glad to see
maybe i could help you about .i have 6,ooo pictures maybe more (the last count was in the 81 year aprox.)from my colecction of books ,magazines,newspapers from sixties to this days ,and you must show more pics from japan ,phillipines,
germany ,top of the pops 66,paperback writer -rain promos
and the usa last tour (some are terrific and great colour shots !)
some george in the delaney and friends tour (not many have seen this )if you want just give me your e-mail private to contact
beatlefans of the world must share this pics ,call it mania or archives,collections or just historic data ,the recent fans got pics and true information from you ,if we dont difund this material in a few years maybe will lost forever ,i dont want that truly .well depend on you child of nature !!!