Saturday, March 28, 2009

Screen Caps: Paperback Writer/Rain May 19, 1966

Here are some screen captures I took from the Chronology 1 & 2 versions of four of the promos filmed in Studio 1 on May 19, 1966. Another wonderful thing about the promos is observing the Beatles' attitudes toward filming them. We get a chance to see them goofing off a little, sharing an inside joke, and miming rather poorly, which they play up, of course. (They do a decent job of miming in these particular promos, however.) They seem to enjoy each others' company and make the most out of a day on the job; therefore, even the standard "band and instruments" type promos provide enjoyable viewing.

I have captured other scenes from many other Beatles' promos/TV appearances, etc. which I will be posting soon.

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