Sunday, October 12, 2008

Screen Caps Galore!

In belated celebration of what would have been John Lennon's 68th birthday, here is a selection of screen captures from various sources:

The captures of John with mussed hair were taken from an interview conducted by George Yateman for a US TV segment entitled, British Calendar: News. The reason John appears with bed-head may be due to the fact that he hadn't planned on coming to the interview at all, opting instead to sleep in. At the insistence of Brian Epstein, John eventually arrived--70 minutes late!

The color captures of the Beatles filming Help! in the Bahamas originates from the home movies of Dr. Walter Strach, the Beatles' financial advisor.

I've included various captures from the 1966 North American Tour, as I've been obsessed with it lately. In the next issue of Ugly Things, I'm reviewing America's Lost Band, a fabulous new documentary about the Remains, the legendary Boston band who opened for the Beatles on this particular tour. The color captures are from the few minutes of circulating silent footage of their Cincinnati concert. I've also included captures from their hilarious L.A. press conference from August 24, 1966.

There are some captures of John singing "I'm A Loser" on Shindig, from October 3, 1964, plus chatting with Keith Fordyce on Ready Steady Go! on Nov. 23rd.

The last set of captures are from the circulating newsreel footage of the Beatles receiving an award from Radio Caroline for being "the most consistent pop stars" on April 6, 1965.

We will love and miss you always, John.

(Reference: John C. Winn's books, Way Beyond Compare and That Magic Feeling, two essential books about Beatles that no fan should be without.)


changemyworld said...

Aww, I didn't know the real reason John's hair was messy. I just assumed one of the others had done it themselves, messing it up as a laugh.

I love your blog <3

Beatle Lizzy said...

Brilliant, as ever! :D

Anonymous said...

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