Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Citizen Kane of Juke Box Musicals

Forty-three Years Ago:

Today's entry focuses on the filming of A Hard Day's Night, which began on March 2, 1964, at Paddington Station and concluded on April 24th in West Ealing. Like most Beatles fans, I've watched this film so many times that I recite the dialogue every chance I get. I don't know how anyone could watch AHDN and not fall in love with the lads immediately. As with most things to do with The Beatles, AHDN never fails to make me smile or lift my spirits.

The set of color photos first appeared in Roy Carr's The Beatles at the Movies book; they make a second appearance in Mark Hayward's The Beatles Unseen, so they are technically not "unseen" pictures. The other photos are from Beatles Book Monthly, the May 1964 and May 1984 issues. John is arm-wrestling Norman Rossington--very appropriate! Many of the pictures above were taken at the Scala Theatre, the location of the concert in the film. (All scanned by yours truly. Click to enlarge.)

Coming Up (like a flower): A bouquet of Sgt. Pepper sessions pix! It will take some time and effort to get them scanned and organized; therefore, your patience is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Those color shots are fab indeed! "Beatles Monthly" sure liked to take photos of the lads reading "Beatles Monthly", didn't they?

I know what you mean about the dialogue in AHDN - even though none of it sounds like anything The Beatles would actually say in real life, it's all so quotable. My friend Chris and I used to accuse each other of "hiding behind a smokescreen of bourgeois cliches".

Anonymous said...

Looking foward to the Peppers era shots! I love pics of the boys at this period!