Friday, August 04, 2006

The Revolver Sessions, Part 2

Here are some additional photos from the Revolver sessions, which I personally scanned in high resolution (save the one of George on bass). I also included scans of Revolver and "Yellow Submarine"/"Eleanor Rigby" ads that appeared in NME 40 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Look at John's glasses in this session. Bono! you're a baby!

The 'rehearsal' shot that has everyone in cirlce is the best here.

watercarrier said...

dear child

your most recent entries are extra special for me
as you know , i was 14 in '66 and remember that summer quite well within the context of how it affected my personal development.
beatlemania was easing back a little , and for me , the beatles had become powerful & mysterious. the bubble gum cards were getting old , and we had not yet consumed 'revolver' not to mention , seen any of the private photos of sessions or anything. lennon looked "different" , he sounded "different" and was speaking in codes. if '67 was the summer of love , then '66 was the summer before love , sort of like the calm before the storm that destroys everything in its path.
it was palpable , it could be sensed , i knew it was coming , i just didnt know what it was.

thanks for the trip , child , sometimes your awareness & sensitivity to these times is just devastating !