Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beautiful Boy

As requested, here is a very large post containing all the childhood photos of John that I could find. All of these are my own scans, except for the first picture of John's birth certificate, the cute photo of him smirking (as he continued to do all his life), and the contact sheet of his Dovedale Primary pictures, age six. He was such an adorable child. I like the photo of John with his Uncle George--I believe that may be the only picture of him that I've seen. I wish there were more pictures of John with Julia, his mother.

I love reading John's musings on his childhood--how he was always different, exceptional and feeling as if no one was recognizing the special gift he had. He perceived things others could not, dreaming surrealistic dreams in vivid Technicolor, which are the tale-tell signs of a gifted child. "No one I think is in my tree/I mean, it must be high or low."

Luckily, John shared his talent and visions with the world so we could have his music, art, and poetry to enrich our lives.


Anonymous said...

Dear Child,
I've been away for a while and just returned to catch up on your posts, beginning in March with Paul's 'Teen Screen' issue. All of these photos bring back great memories! Some of the 'TS' photos of Paul appeared on the LP jacket of "The Beatles Second Album" (which I bought on the day it was released) and I also had a few of the original trading cards way back when. In fact, a few years back, a friend of mine in the card business gave me a new collector's set (not a reprint of the originals) of Beatle cards. We may be older but the fascination remains!

Please keep up the great posts!

PS Do you know what's become of Michael Lynch and Ready Steady A Go Go?

Laura said...

Thank you so much for fulfilling my request! As always, you exceed expectations. :)

Maybe it calls for another Beatlepics post? ;)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post. Great to see the photos all in one place.

child of nature said...

Hi, everyone! Thank you for your comments and for visiting. I'm very pleased that my blog can bring back great memories or provide happiness for fellow Beatles fans.

As for Michael Lynch: He writes for Ugly Things as well, and with recent deadline for submissions perhaps he has been to busy to work on the podcasts?? I'm not sure.

Thanks again for the comments!

Anonymous said...

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