Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Beatles' Autumn Tour 1963

During the fall of '63, Beatles Monthly had incredible access to the Beatles as they were promoting their second UK album, With the Beatles, and the single "I Want To Hold Your Hand"/"This Boy." The above photos were all taken during "The Beatles' Autumn Tour" during their stop in Wolverhampton.

During this period in the Beatles' career, their live performances were at their peak. Just listening to the available audio confirms how tight they were playing. Besides the Cavern and Hamburg shows, these early post-fame concerts would have been among the best to have seen and heard, in my opinion.

I hope all of you have a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am indeed thankful the Beatles' existed and reflected the joy of living through their music in a way no other band has ever done before or since. These four men were destined for greatness--to come together, create magic, and bring love and joy to countless others.

This year, I am also very thankful for the many friends I have made through the Internet. I have been so fortunate to find like-minded souls out there I would otherwise have never "met." You all know who you are!

Enjoy the pics! There are many more from this session soon to come. (I love these pictures of John in his horn-rimmed specs!)


Anonymous said...

John looks very snappy in those specks ;)

Laura said...

These are great!! I especially love the one where George is wearing John's glasses - I'm sure he got a big headache after that. XD I also love the one where John is reading the newspaper article about George, hehe.