Sunday, January 07, 2007

John at Home, Continued

Here are some additional photographs taken the day Johnny Dean and Leslie Bryce visited John's Weybridge home, "Kenwood".

I love John's style of decorating, indicative of his wit and creativity--he seemed to horde vast amounts of unusual objects he found intriguing for some reason or another. I especially love his Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band's "Safe as Milk" stickers and the Monterey Pop festival poster. Apparently, he had many stickers bearing weird quotes plastered everywhere: "Quiet Please, Explosion Nearby," and "This Cemetery Welcomes Dangerous Drivers." :)

I know that John was often unhappy in this home, probably feeling like a prisoner to suburban life, far away from Swinging London's clubs and parties. I imagine the feeling is similar to this--"I know I need to be doing something exciting, but I haven't got the energy or motivation to get out and do it, so I'll just stay here and ruminate." I feel that way a lot, myself. Maybe it's a sort of wasting away feeling.

Despite John's unhappiness concerning Kenwood, I still find it to be a fascinating and beautiful home. These pictures reveal to us how John spent his days there and how he made the house truly his own with his unique touches.

(I scanned all of the above photos except the very first one--so, to whomever got that great color photo into circulation, thank you very much!)